Daniel Schniepp

Reading List

Every book, blog and newsletter on this page I can recommend reading.


These following are one of my favorites. All other books I read and want to read can be found in my bookshelf.

Resilient Management – Lara Hogan

A creat must read for every manager with practical tips and guides. The book is packed with valuable insights and coaching questions to get the most out of it.

The Mythical Man-Month. Essays on Software Engineering – Frederick P. Brooks

A book from 1975, despite that we now have faster computers and more advanced programming languages, we still struggle with the same topics today. While some parts aged, I would consider it a must-read. We should start learning from the past.

A Philosophy of Software Design - John Ousterhout

Especially the first part, including chapter 9 of the book, I found very valuable for structuring and organizing your code. Furthermore, I found chapters 14, 17, 18 about naming, consistency, and writing obvious code valuable.

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code - Martin Fowler

This is a reference book for refactoring in different situations. The book is very comprehensive and gives you a great overview as well as practical examples on how to perform refactorings.

The Software Architect Elevator - Gregor Hohpe

Especially useful if you work in non-tech companies. It gives you a good overview of what you should take care of if you are responsible for IT architecture.


Rands in Repose

On Rands in Repose Rands writes about management in tech and other topics. Maybe one of my favorite articles Be Unfailingly Kind.

Julia Evans

Julia Evans takes you on her journey of learning topics which are important for software engineers. Besides that she distilles her learnings into comics the wizard zines.

Will Larson

Will Larson writes on Irrational Exuberance mostly about management topics in a software engineering context.

ploeh blog

Mark Seemann writes on his blog ploeh blog - danish software design about programming, software development, and architecture.


The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter

The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter by Gergely Orosz is about tech and packed with lots of insights and tips.

Software Design: Tidy First?

Tidy First? is a newsletter by Kent Beck, which will eventually end up in a book about software engineering.

ByteByteGo Newsletter

ByteByteGo Newsletter is a newsletter about system design topics.